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Pupils in Year 7 – 14 are grouped according to age and ability. Pupils with profound and severe learning difficulties are taught mostly by their class teacher whilst pupils with moderate learning difficulties benefit from being taught by subject teachers who can take them through to GCSE if appropriate.

Pupils continue to work on their individual Next Steps targets and therapy programmes whilst developing their understanding and experience across the National Curriculum.

Pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible, to develop their self esteem and to shine. Everyone performs in the Secondary Show and many represent St Giles and Croydon at Disability Sports events.

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Keystage 3:

Pupils in KS3 follow a creative curriculum linking all the National Curriculum subjects under termly themes.

Teachers use the themes to develop knowledge, skills and experience across the subject areas and also work with their colleagues to provide opportunities for students to work toward a shared goal, e.g. a special assembly at the end of the ‘Let’s celebrate’ theme.

Keystage 4:

Pupils in KS4 work towards accreditation in all their subjects dependent on their ability. A few pupils take GCSEs while most work towards Entry level and Unit awards. Pupils also complete units in Life Skills, English, Maths, PE, Art, Music and DT towards ASDAN Bronze and Silver Awards.

Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties continue to develop their early skills and also achieve Unit Awards that celebrate their achievements.

All pupils have opportunities for Work Experience such as helping in a Primary class, assisting the music teacher or secretary or working at the local Garden Centre. Pupils and their families are supported to find appropriate college places and courses for KS5. Recent placements have been – Level 1 courses in ICT and Child Care at Nescot and Croydon College; Life Skills at Carshalton College; Special School Sixth form at Clifton Hill and Priory.

Keystage 5:

Students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties remain at St Giles for KS5. They follow a personalised curriculum continuing to develop their communication, physical development and emotional and social skills based around creative themes. There are practical opportunities to develop life skills such as helping with messages round school, cooking, gardening and household activities. Students have regular trips into the local community to help them learn to cope with different environments and different people.

All KS5 pupils are supported to transition to Further Education or adult services when they leave St Giles.