Our School

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Our Mission

At St Giles’ we are passionate about learning.  Our school community includes and values everyone, working together to achieve in a supportive, caring and professional way.

Our enthusiasm and positive energy make St Giles’ a truly happy and vibrant place to be.


Our Vision:

We want all our pupils and staff to

Be the best you can be!


Our Values:

Respect, Responsibility, Participation, Cooperation, Choice, Celebration, Community

St Giles School believes that spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) is vital for all pupils. It is experienced in formal and informal settings and is reflected in every aspect of school life. British values are promoted through the school’s SMSC curriculum.

SMSC is embedded in the culture of the school, modelled by staff and pupils throughout the day and taught overtly in Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and Religious Education (RE) lessons. St Giles works with other schools and the wider community to provide additional opportunities for SMSC which is of value for all.

Promoting British Values at St Giles School

At St Giles the opportunity to share, experience and promote British Values is primarily developed through the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Curriculum. This curriculum is taught through the school’s ethos, its systems and structures and specific subjects including Religious Education, Personal Social and Health Education and Citizenship.

The opportunity to share, experience and promote British Values is not taught in isolation but is reflected in the rich and creative curriculum provided to pupils at St Giles as well as through the ethos and vision which is at the centre of the school experience.


Pupils develop an understanding of the democratic process through the promotion of fairness, tolerance, acceptance and respect for different points of view which is built into the school’s ethos. This is taught in a developmentally appropriate way by promoting turn taking and sharing at the early stages of development through to debates, presenting different points of view and voting.

All pupils are supported to develop their communication skills and this is supported by the introduction of communication passports. Pupils and the school community are encouraged to work together and share responsibility in managing school issues. The importance of empowering all pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider school community to have a voice is promoted throughout the school. Surveys are used to consult the school community and the school examines any issues raised. All pupils are represented by the School Council which discusses and considers school issues and the impact that these decisions and events have on school life. Pupils’ views are encouraged and listened to, and where possible, actioned.

The Rule of Law

The importance of being responsible and considerate is at the heart of developing pupils’ understanding of the rule of law. Pupils are shown how their actions and behaviour impact on others to help them understand why we agree rules. This helps pupils see that rules make working together at school more enjoyable and promotes tolerance and care for others. They are supported to understand difference and differing needs which promotes personal responsibility and positive behaviour. Pupils also learn about people who help us and how we can work with them to keep everyone safe.

Individual Liberty

Many of our pupils are reliant on others to support them to maintain their health and well-being. Our school policies and ethos reflects the importance of safeguarding pupils, listening to pupils and creating the opportunity to make choices and have their rights promoted. In addition to promoting the voice and personal freedoms of pupils, the school also creates a safe and secure environment. This enables pupils to be as independent as possible and make choices that demonstrate an appropriate awareness of their own needs and safety requirements. The school works with pupils to support them in developing their communication and in addition works with parents/carers and the wider community to increase understanding and awareness of pupils’ voices.

The e-safety policy and Personal, Social and Health Curriculum are implemented to guide pupils in making choices which maintain their safety. The school develops pupils’ understanding of how to make safe choices and promotes improved physical access so that all pupils can participate safely. This includes developing wheelchair skills, promoting independent home-school travel and identifying ways to improve physical access both in school and in the wider community.

Mutual Respect

Our school community is built on the importance of respect for ourselves and others which is reflected in how all aspects of the school community work together. Our school environment, curriculum and school systems and structures are designed to promote respect for all and we are continually considering ways to further develop this.

The organisation of the school day, structure of assemblies, provision of resources, accessibility of the environment as well as the promotion of independence and communication all are designed to further enhance mutual respect. Our school actively promotes mutual respect with particular emphasis on understanding difference and the needs of people with disability which is supported through our engagement with other schools and the wider community.

Tolerance for Difference

Our school community is extremely diverse and our school life supports and enhances opportunities to experience and share diversity and challenge prejudices. Through the curriculum, school ethos and school structures the school promotes tolerance and encourages discussion and debate. This supports pupils and the school community in understanding the importance of tolerance and to recognise prejudice. Through training and research we are continually looking for ways to enable our pupils to actively experience and increase their awareness and respect for diversity. The school has clear policies and systems for managing intolerance and encourages everyone in the school community to be responsible for dispelling prejudice.

St Giles is committed to promoting British Values. They are reflected in the values of the school as a positive, encouraging, caring and safe environment which shows respect and promotes personal responsibility for all.

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